TopShelf Magazine Official Review and Indie Book First Place

A Deeply Researched Companion for the Petroglyph Enthusiast

Before Babel, the Ancients spoke a universal language allowing for effective communication. The Utes spoke of all tribes once sharing the same language, and easily visiting one another by water until the water dried up and the tribes split, causing language to change and war to replace brotherhood. Chris Hegg unlocks the mysteries of the past via ancient drawings that show how those before us recorded the weather, trade routes, and their history. ANCIENT UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF MAN is deeply researched, with a plethora of knowledge and pictures used as reference points. For those having a background in or a deeper understanding of petroglyphs, this may be a great companion guide. For the beginner with little to no experience, this might be somewhat confusing. I enjoy history immensely and yet found this a tad too academic for my taste.  ~TopShelf Magazine's Official Review 

From the back cover

 Our earliest known explorers quickly discovered they were not the first to conquer Earth's farthest shores. Modern man gazed upon ancient images and rock structures already decaying from great age. Since then we have all contemplated what secrets were kept locked away in the limitless maze of configurations drawn so indelibly as to last many millennia. What connection does a global network of rock carvings and mega structures mean to our history? Well the answer will surprise you!

Chris Hegg has dedicated his life to finding out these answers. Chris has moved beyond the stumbling decades of failed comprehension to gain ever increasingly small victories in their understanding. Now at a fever pitch in symbol decipherment Chris has uncovered the most startling facts of individual symbol meanings that reveal amazing stories of courage, inhospitable lands and global travel unimaginable when he first started this quest. A much deeper innate secret lay rooted in the symbols than previously thought in that they were the first Universal Language of Man! Petroglyphs, megaliths and geoglyphs are thought of as just "rock art", "tombs" and "creations for social influence" by archeologists; but are all related and comprise a single ancient universal language. This language is known in biblical stories and now confirmed by scientific methodology.

This book is dedicated to that first Universal Language. Reborn so the secrets lost to us can be discovered once more. This book is a tool capable of peeling away the layers of our forgotten past to read firsthand accounts of the struggles of man on a global scale over 13,000 years ago! The stories retold in this book are from the ancients who lived them and are a tribute to our perseverance and domination in a harsh world conquered many thousands of years before Columbus.

Author Chris Hegg grew up in a tiny Nevada town not on any maps. Spending a childhood wandering the desert studying petroglyphs and geology grew into a lifelong obsession to understand ancient man and nature. Now married 24 years to friend Dede Hogg Rarick they have three beautiful children Tyler, Dawson and Pepper. Chris continues to drag family and friends in tow, bribed or otherwise, passionately sharing the hidden beauty of the desert and expanding his own knowledge. Having a further background in cryptology mixed with stubborn determination proved instrumental in his capability to break the symbols of petroglyphs one by one. Obsessed with protecting these historic sites led to his volunteering as a Site Steward of public lands. Uncovering the Ancient Universal Language compelled Chris to take the secrets he discovered and share them with mankind once more. 

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