Watch History Channel's Ancient Aliens Episode #5 The Desert Codes!!

Author Chris Hegg

About Me

My background

Chris spent his life researching ancient petroglyphs and the language contained in them. A father of three Chris promotes Site Stewardship on our Public Lands. Chris is also a business owner and an elected County Commissioner.

My roots

Growing up in a tiny town in the middle of the rugged desert of Nevada, Chris submerged himself in the ancient sites of the west for 40+ years, discovering man's oldest stories. Chris's oldest friends passed along much knowledge, his Grandfather founding the Carmel Valley Historical Society Museum where his passion came from and his cryptology training from the U.S. Air Force gave him the means of breaking the code.

My research

Discover Chris on History Channel's Ancient Aliens Show! His discoveries and interest lies in the ancient language and messages left by man. Research continues in the desert today...

Stay tuned for some very exciting news about an upcoming television project featuring myself and my research!


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